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  • After several consultations with other physical therapy providers in the area to no success, Mary and SDOMG group was clearly the best solution for my achilles tendonitis. Providing the latest in technologies, modalities and treatment methods, SDOMG (under Mary's expertise) helped to provide me the quality care I needed to rehab my achilles (on the way to recovery toward competitive running). As of the date of this review, I just completed my PRP procedures so the outcome won't be decided for a few more months but I am hopeful and already satisfied with the results from my shockwave therapy sessions! Will update this review next year!
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  • About three years ago, after recovering from months of being sedentary during cancer treatment, an old knee injury flared up. I was referred Dr. Ambach and received PRP treatment from her then, followed by a booster about 18 months later. The results have moved me from barely ambulatory to all but fully recovered WITHOUT surgery.
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  • I received two PRP treatments on my shoulder and it restored function to about 90%, and it's still healing and getting better. My primary doc told me surgery was my only option...WRONG. Dr. Ambach is fantastic (and so is everybody at their office) and I would recommend her to anybody exploring ways to heal up and get back to doing the activities they love
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  • Dr Ambach and SDOMG are wonderful. My husband and I have had great care there- they are progressive, compassionate and CARE- which is not so common any more! Dr A has guided us through numerous issues- scary infection in my husband's back, then issues for both of us that warranted epidurals- each step of the way, her care has been superb and the office crew are all great to work with. Dr Ambaugh has used her incredible skills and knowledge to resolve numerous body-part issues, allowing my to regain my typically active lifestyle.
    This practice is a pleasure in today's chaotic medical world!
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  • My name is Tim Shaw and this is my review of the San Diego Orthobiologics Medical Group (SDOMG). Please fully read my review for an explanation of my experience with Dr. Ambach and her team. I was 39 years old when I began experiencing sharp pains and a progressive reduction of mobility in my left shoulder. This was very concerning to me because I am a musician by trade, an avid surfer, and love playing sports with my son. A doctor referred me to SDOMG for imaging, diagnoses of my symptoms, and possible treatments. When I contacted SDOMG, Dr. Ambach and her team promptly scheduled me for an appointment. After performing the necessary imaging, Dr. Ambach found a tear in my left shoulder supraspinatus tendon and determined that I was a candidate for PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) therapy. Initially I was unsure if this type of treatment would be effective at successfully treating my shoulder injury because I assumed surgery was needed to properly fix a torn tendon. After discussing the PRP procedure with Dr. Ambach and then separately conducting my own inquiry on PRP’s efficacy, I decided to proceed with the PRP therapy. The out-patient procedure was performed in July of 2021 and I was in and out of the office in two hours. Dr. Ambach and her team were extremely professional, kind, and accommodating during every step of my procedure and I felt completely confident in their care for me. Their facilities are very clean and well maintained. Dr. Ambach even took additional time to explain the entire process to my 8 year old son who wanted to know what was happening to his dad. At every step of my experience with Dr. Ambach and her team, I was treated with care and compassion. But what about the results? I waited over a year to write this review because my results of the PRP therapy are what determine whether I recommend SDOMG or not. I am glad to report a complete and full recovery. My shoulder has regained all mobility. I have no more pain and I now participate in all the activities that my injury used to preclude me from. Thank you Dr. Ambach and team!!! I am so grateful for everything you’ve done for me. I give my highest and well-earned recommendation to Dr. Ambach, her team, and SDOMG. Bravo!!!
    If you are considering PRP therapy, I highly recommend you consult SDOMG for their services.
    Special shout out to Andrea and Linda who walked me through the administrative parts of my experience at SDOMG. Thank you ladies for taking great care of me. Much appreciated.
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  • The team of Dr Ambach and Michael treated us so well. I highly recommend their services.
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  • Dr. Ambach has treated me for several different issues, knee, shoulder, wrist etc. I trust her implicitly & have recommended SDOMG to many. They can help you get back living your active lifestyle.
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  • Dr. Ambach and her staff are phenomenal. Personable, courteous, professional, knowledgeable, and extremely caring. I’ve had four surgeries on my knees during my 27 year career in the U.S. Marine Corps but this was the best experience of all my medical procedures. The genuine care that Dr. Ambach exhibited was unprecedented and refreshing. She talked me through every step of the stem cell process and addressed every question with considerable detail. The staff made me feel like I was a family member and not just another “assembly line” patient. If I could have Dr. Ambach be my personal physician in all things, my health would be better for it. It’s very rare that I look forward to my next visit regarding anything remotely related to healthcare but this experience was an absolute delight. Regarding the stem cell procedure, it’s too early to tell, but i have the utmost faith in Dr. Ambach and her staff. I felt at ease and comforted and “walked away” from this process with a promising future for my knees and the level of physical activity that I hope to regain. Oh, the staff is very supportive of our Veteran / First Responder community as well.
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  • My experience at with Dr Ambach was excellent! She is gentle and made my PRP injections very tolerable. I would highly recommend her office. I am hopeful for a full recovery. Thank you to you and your staff!
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  • Dr. Ambach was very thorough and professional and treated my meniscal tear with PRP. I was very impressed with her approach and the procedure was explained clearly and concisely. My recovery is going well so far and I would recommend SDOMG to anyone contemplating surgery before going under the knife!
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