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  • Great visit with a great PRP treatment on 7/15/2021. Dr. Amback explained everything as she was doing the PRP injections in my L3,L4,L5 and my SI joint. I would highly recommend her to anyone considering this treatment.
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  • Dr. Ambach is very knowledgeable about regenerative medicine and all the injection therapies. She is very concerned with her patients’ well-being and looks for solutions that will work for each patient. She has helped my lumbar pain tremendously with PRP in both the epidural space and facet joints. She’s awesome.
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  • My experience at Dr. Ambach’s office was exceptional. As a former dentist I want to compliment Dr. Ambach on a wonderful caring staff. First impressions are so important and her staff went above and beyond. Dr. Ambach did a neck injection and I found her equipment and her administration of the injection were painless and flawless. I want to thank the entire office for a very professional experience. Paul
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  • Listened to my concerns, developed an accurate diagnosis, provided state ot the art care. I'm back to playing golf without pain. It's wonderful.
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  • It's so nice to see a physician and be welcomed, listened to and given a realistic explanation of what the issues are and how to address them. I wish we could replicate this process for other institutions both in and out of the medical field. Best experience in a doctor's office in a very long time. The entire staff was great.
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  • Dr. Ambach and her staff over the past year have provide excellent care for my spinal stenosis treatments. They are first concerned with ME. They take the time and effort to understand ME and my health issues. We discuss what options I have, how to proceed with care and if what I see as the problem and the outcome that I am looking for is reasonable. I have fully and unlimited confidence in Dr. Ambach's care of my medical issues. Thank you.
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  • I was having problems with my knees even going to the grocery store. I had to lean on a shopping cart. I live on the beach and couldn't walk very far on the beach without knees hurting. I had both stem cell and PRP treatments in both knees. I became pain free in 9 weeks! Minor flareups every once in a while for example when I carried four bags of heavy grocery bags upstairs. A little Alleve for 3 or 4 days and all good. Oh, I used to have problems going up and downstairs. No more. As I healed my knees became stronger and more flexible. For example, lowering myself to the floor and getting back up. Much better now. I am very thankful this treatment option was available. I did not want knee replacement surgery.
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  • Dr. Mary Ambach can manipulate the needle beyond words. She is very conscientious and caring of her patients needs.
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  • Every step of the way from the initial appointment through our treatment plan, recovery PT and now releasing me back into action, Dr. Ambach has been fantastic. I highly recommend Dr. Ambach and this facility for any orthopedic issues/needs.
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  • 2 visits. Well done and great results
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