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  • My first consultation and first impressions were amazing when you walk in Linda at the reception as she was so knowledgeable of everything I spoke to her over the phone And meeting her in person was delightful also I spoke over the phone to Andrea and she is amazing as well I also checked in with Lauren she is a sweetheart she knows everything about what they're doing and she put it in words were I can actually understand everything and then I met doctor on Ambach she is well explained everything to me and no pushing me or pressuring me she said if I wanted to go one route it was which would cost me nothing through my own medical or she gave me the procedure that she was going to do and honestly my doctors are not going to do anything so I chose to work with her I haven't gone yet to get the shots but I will be going on the 10th and I definitely will post more as I progress and she was upfront and said it was a 50-50 chance which nothing is guaranteedBut I've been living with hip pain for the past six years and I have tried everything so pretty much this is my last resort you guys are amazing so far you made everything fall into place so easily thank you thank you
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  • Dr. Ambach is a consummate professional, and the best in the biz. I'm so very grateful that I found her when I did as I was unable to use my hands to play piano and struggling with my career. We did one round of bone marrow stem cell and then a PRP booster after that. A few months later I was already feeling less pain, and now I'm playing again and getting stronger every month. I felt incredibly comfortable in her care and trust her completely.
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  • I highly recommend Dr Ambach. She is professional, patient and knows what she's doing. You are in excellent hands with this doctor.
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  • Hi - I rarely write reviews and generally about some awful experience. But I would highly recommend Dr. Ambach. I came to her with a messed up shoulder and never having this issue - very nervous. I have a torn rotator cuff, frozen shoulder and arthritis. I've found that her treatments recommendations are prudent and well thought out. I think she is kind, gentle, perceptive and smart. Her front office helped me get a very quick insurance pre-approval. I trust her and think she will really help me and I don't say that often.
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  • Dr. Ambach is not my normal doctor at Orthohealing but do to scheduling conflicts she performed an injection on my hip. She was very thorough and kept checking in to make sure that I was comfortable. I would highly recommend her!
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  • Dr. Ambach is by far one of the best doctors in Los Angeles. I have been battling with joint pain, from knees to ankles and recently the back. She is very thorough in her evaluation and setting out a plan. She is articulate and communicates options, pros and cons, extremely well. She had my utmost faith and confidence with regard to having my best interest at heart, given my situation and circumstances. She gets it! The best! I wouldn't be where I am without her and her skill as a physician, her kindness and compassionate manner.
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  • Dr. Ambach is a brilliant doctor. I have been to many knee doctors and she is the only one who truly took the time to diagnose me properly. After 10 years of knee pain, she guided me through the many steps of how to make me feel better without surgery. She's kind, patient and available. In my opinion, she is one of THE top doctors in Los Angeles. Her staff is just as nice and knowledgeable. Don't waste your time anywhere else because Dr. Ambach is top notch.
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