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  • The staff and Dr. Ambach are extremely friendly and accommodating. I found them somewhat unorganized, the staff appeared to be set on autopilot and were not reviewing a patient's chart before entering the exam room. I had to correct them multiple times as to my needing sedation prior and as to what body part is to be treated . I also had to ask several times to review my radiographs and MRI. I am aware they are training a new receptionist so I definitely understand some of the delays upfront. Dr. Ambach is all business but I did get her to laugh and she was very concerned when I experienced more pain than she was expecting. As a doctor myself, I can confidently say you are in good hands with Dr. Ambach and the team. The jury is still out on my treatment but I still feel I was given the best option for my condition at this point.
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  • I have total trust and confidence in Dr Ambach. She is highly competent in her specialty, especially using regenerative medicine. She is a pleasure to work with- truly cares and listens, which is a rarity. Her support staff is also great ,and the office functions well. Five stars across the board!
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  • Dr. Ambach is very caring and listens to your concerns. Very good bedside manners. Would recommend her for orthopedic pain relief.
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  • Dr Ambach and SDOMG are wonderful. My husband and I have had great care there- they are progressive, compassionate and CARE- which is not so common any more! Dr A has guided us through numerous issues- scary infection in my husband's back, then issues for both of us that warranted epidurals- each step of the way, her care has been superb and the office crew are all great to work with. A pleasure in today's chaotic medical world!
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  • Dr Ambach is an extremely caring doctor! The entire staff treats you with respect and empathy. Dr Ambach listens to all your concerns and allays any fears you might have. My procedure was explained well and the staff ensures you have minimal pain. My husband and I both highly recommend Dr Ambach and San Diego Orthobiologics!
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  • Dr. Ambach is a skilled and knowledgeable practitioner of regenerative medicine. She has a calm and soothing bedside manner and I was both comfortable and informed throughout the procedure which consisted of PRP injections into both knees. I don't have much exposure to the use of ultrasound for examining joint soft tissues, but Dr. Ambach seems to be a highly skilled technician. During a 30min pre-procedure, she carefully wanded both knees assessing the extent of arthritic damage and answered all my questions while capturing images and identifying the best injection sites for the actual PRP procedure. The actual PRP procedure was just how I want a procedure performed, that is, friendly and informative communication, peaceful, calming environment with light background music which put me ease and an uneventful procedure. I highly recommend Dr. Ambach.
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  • Great staff, skilled doctor and all are kind as well. I would recommend Dr Ambach very highly. Larry 5/11/2022
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  • I met Dr. Ambach in early 2021 and was immediately impressed. Her kind and focused demeaner is combined with a highly knowledgeable approach to PRP Therapy. Her communication was never rushed, and she answered all my questions making certain that I completely understood the treatment. From the outset it was clear that she is extremely accomplished with PRP treatment, which led to a seamless and positive experience. Dr. Ambach performed PRP Therapy injections on my left hamstring and more recently my left hip and right hamstring. The initial hamstring injection in just over just a few months is 80% healed. In each procedure she made certain that I was comfortable and given feedback. I feel truly fortunate to have her as my regenerative medicine physician and recommend her without hesitation.
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  • I first had a procedure for my neck with PRP and stem cells back in August for a neck injury I have been dealing with since I was 18 years old. I had tried everything imaginable for relief to no avail. Within 5 months of the procedure my pain, which was level 10, was at a 1 or 2. It was nothing short of a miracle. I have just gone back to have PRP in my knee because of my positive results. In addition, Dr. Ambach and her team are wonderful. They are professional, kind and really helpful. I could not recommend them and the procedure enough - it was a life Gamechangers and completely worth it!!!
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  • Great, it could not have been better. She is a very good and throught doctor and one of the best.
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