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  • For me finding Dr. Ambach was a blessing. She is a remarkable and gifted physician who really cares about her patients!!
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  • Dr. Ambach was very good in answering all of my questions and seemed totally knowledgeable about the possible causes of my discomfort.
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  • love working with dr. ambach. she is so kind and has helped me a lot. has done 3 bone marrow (stem cell) draws. they are quick, painless and not at all scary. i have had many various injections to many regions, and she has always been amazing.
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  • I had an ongoing shoulder issue, Dr. Ambach has been taking great care of it and the follow up has been amazing. I really feel that I am in good hands, she has taken my issue to heart and deeply appreciate the follow through
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  • My experience with Dr. Ambach, was amazing! She was caring and listen to my concerns. She was very informative and took the time to explain every step of my bone marrow procedure. The whole staff was great and all work together as a championship quality team! She Is definitely on the top tear of doctors in LA.
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  • Dr. Ambach is wonderful human being and truly cares about her patients. Unlike other doctors, she's not in this profession for the money. My only regret is that I didn't find her sooner. If you are "thinking" of getting better, STOP IT!! You don't have to live in pain. Just pick up the phone and make an appointment. You will not regret it.
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  • Takes the time to listen to my problems, figure out a plan of action, and helps me successfully carryout said plan. Even after everything is addressed during my appointments Dr. Ambach makes sure all of my concerns were covered. Very comforting during injections (performed at least 10 on me) and always makes sure you are not experiencing too much discomfort. Could not be more satisfied.
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  • Dr. Ambach is a professional and caring doctor. I had a stem cell injection and two prps, and everything went smoothly. I dont remember any pain.!
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  • What an incredible refreshing experience it was to consult w/ Dr Ambach. I was truly treated with the utmost respect and compassion from the moment I entered her office. Dr Ambach was professional, personable, and clearly an extremely knowledgeable medical practitioner. I would highly recommend...
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  • Dr. Amback is a very caring and competent physician. She explains procedures and makes accurate diagnosis and treatment plans. I have full confidence in her skills and would not hesitate returning to her for my orthopedic issues.
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