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  • Dr Ambach is a very compassionate and caring doctor. I am very grateful that I found her!!!!!
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  • Dr Ambach is a very gracious and supportive doctor. She takes the time to talk to her patients to ensure they understand all aspect of their treatment. I have had an amazing experience with her and am on the way to 100% recovery.
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  • i have hope for recovery for the first time thank you!
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  • I was a patient of hers when she practiced in LA. She’s the best ortho doctor I’ve ever been to and I’m so sad she relocated. I haven’t found anyone comparable with her perception and expertise . She has a natural intelligence of how to treat an individual’s specific body and conditions and makes sure that whatever she does is tailored specifically for you.
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  • I find Dr. Mary to be very attentive and caring as well as very competent and knowledgeable. She is the best kind of doctor with a great "bedside manner". She partners with you to find solutions that other doctors may kind of brush off as just aging related. I trust her implicitly.
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  • highly skilled listener with a refined ability to balance pain and gain relative to each issue.
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  • I have been experiencing pain under my right scapula and rib and Dr Ambach is the only person that has actually listened and tried to understand what I was feeling. She took ample time to listen to me. I drive all the way from Murrieta to see her.
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  • Dr Ambach is great at listening and finding treatments for my pain.
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  • Sorry I missed my voicemail stating you needed to reschedule. Hope I didn't delay important plans. Thanks for taking me in on that day.
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  • A few months later, Dr. Ambach moved to Carlsbad and I followed. At this time we discussed PRP, which would hopefully heal my tears faster. I was about to chicken out, and after 45 minutes of talking and discussing my situation we went with the PRP. I knew there was no other doctor I would trust as much as Dr. Ambach. I never felt any pain during the injections, and agin Dr. Ambach talked me through everything she was doing. Other than Legoland the best reason to go to Carlsbad is to see Dr. Mary Ambach and Prager Brothers Bread!!!! (part 2 of 2) I hope this works! LynnEllen
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