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  • I highly recommend Dr, Ambach, her staff and the PRP procedure. I had been in a car accident back in 2012, had a surgery on my shoulder and physical therapy, but things never really improved. I spent years dealing with chronic pain and flair ups. My son had heard about PRP and suggested I look into after being concerned about my chronic pain. I am soooo glad I did. The PRP with Dr Ambach and then my work with Megan at Evolve Physical Therapy has been life changing. I have full range of motion now and am pain free. Thank you to Dr. Ambach and Megan!!!
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  • My experience was amazing! The staff did everything they could to keep me comfortable during the procedure. Dr. Ambach explained everything as she performed the procedure. The follow up by Dr. Ambach and her staff was very thorough. I would definitely recommend this. I have already noticed good results in the first 6 weeks.
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  • Overall great experience with initial consult, stem cell procedure and follow up appointments. I’ve recommended SDOMG to friends.
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  • I like the way she wants to help me not only get better, but to continue being active, even at my age.
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  • The doctor impressed me as very sincere and genuinely caring. She was well informed and conveyed valuable confidence. I would highly recommend her to my friends..
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  • amazing, and very comfortableand pleasant. Thourough instructiions, and above all, very caring.
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  • Easy to talk with. Willing to answer all questions. Willing to pursue various treatments and alternatives.
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  • dr. ambach provided just what i needed, i feel i now have a physician who can help me with my chronic pain...thank you
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  • This was my first visit with Dr. Ambach. She performed a very thorough exam and took time to explain her findings. I got treatment options and a timeline that I can use for follow up. Overall, I was very pleased with the visit.
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  • She explained well, shared options for plan of care, was sympathetic, and a good listener
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